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Editorial board: Kim Akass, Stephen Lacey, David Lavery, Janet McCabe, Robin Nelson and Rhonda V. Wilcox.

LOCAL TELEVISION PUBLICATIONS from the Institute of Local Television

LOCAL television REPORT - ACTO local public service television papers, ISBN: 1 899405 04 6, published by School Press/ACTO/Institute of Local Television, (December 2005), £13.50 inc p&p 144 pgs. Softback. CONTENTS I Preamble. ii Introduction. ONE Questions & Answers: Natalie White’s: Questions on the Future of Local Television; Ofcom’s: Assessing the Future of Local Television and Interactive Services: A Survey for Stakeholders. TWO European Background: Assessing Opportunities for Local TV Across Europe; THREE Case Histories: Triangle TV Auckland; Open Channels Germany; Open Channel Berlin; Teveline: Reality Show vs Real People; Channel Six Dundee plus Audience Research; ‘e-tv’ in Aberfeldy. FOUR Local Spectrum & Costs: The Add/drop Solution and Local Network Channel; How Big or Small is Local TV?; A Stab at Local TV Costs. FIVE Shifting Policies: Media Literacy, Local Licences and Local Government; God’s Own Spectrum: Local TV and the Public Good; Regional Variations in Production Spend; Bigger Picture on the Smaller Screen; Valuing Local Public Service Television. SIX Nutshell: ACTO Checklist to Ofcom, April 2005.


LOCAL TELEVISION RENEWED: essays on local television 1994-2005 published by School Press for the Institute of Local Television, (August 2005). £13.50 inc p&p 112 pgs, Softback

LOCAL TELEVISION RENEWED provides a vigorous critique of the political impact of public service broadcasting since 1990 and argues for two hundred plus independent local, community and municipal television channels in line with developments underway across Europe. LOCAL TELEVISION RENEWED outlines how these proposals for local TV channels can be introduced as part of digital switchover from 2008 and expanded via broadband.

LOCAL TELEVISION RENEWED is the fifth volume on local television to be published by the Institute of Local Television - published either with John Libbey, the Community Radio Association (CRA, now the Community Media Association) or on the ILT imprint: School Press.

LOCAL TELEVISION RENEWED: essays on local television 1994-2005, ISBN:1 899405 03 8, Dave Rushton, published by School Press (2005) £13.50 inc p&p 112 pgs Softback CONTENTS Preamble; Introduction; Technical Background; Virtual Reality; Vicarious and Experiential TV News; A General Theory of Spectrum; Defining the Social Geography of Local News Identity; Assessing opportunities for local digital TV across Europe; Add/Drop and the Local Network Channel. APPENDICES: A Local Television Reader; Scottish Local TV Forum Report; Some pointers for filming local TV news and short documentaries


CITIZEN TELEVISION: a local dimension to Public Service Broadcasting, ISBN: 0 86196 433 0 edited by Dave Rushton, published by John Libbey & Institute of Local Television (1993) £19.50 inc p&p 232 pgs Hardback CONTENTS PART ONE - Research & Analysis: Citizens and the Local Choice. Edinburgh Television Study, Peter Kitchenman; Cable Company Franchise Commitments, Adrian Friedli; Highways Authority Experience of UK Cable Build, Inken Schindler; Local Authority Cable Briefing, Lyndsey Bowditch; Reading the ITC’s Mapping Regional Views, Dave Rushton; Survey of Local Channels on UK Cable, 1992, Julie White; A Local Future on Cable?, Dave Rushton PART TWO - Commentary & Critique, Local Public Service Television. Making Local Work, Dave Rushton; Amendments to the ITC’s Draft Invitation to Apply for Channel 5, Amanda Gibbs & Dave Rushton; Channel 5 and Local Television, Dave Rushton; ‘Star Rating’ Channel 5 Transmitters, Dave Rushton; The European Meeting of Local Television, Dave Rushton. APPENDICES, Section 7 Cable and Broadcasting Act, 1984; Local Channel Survey, 1989, Peter Kitchenman; Tables 9-14, 16, 19 & 21, Peter Kitchenman; Cable Growth, 1983-1992; Pilot Local C5 Survey Edinburgh, 1990, Lyndsey Bowditch; C3 Regional Populations and C5 Transmitter Populations


LOCAL TELEVISION REVIEWED: essays on local television 1982-1993, ISBN: 1 899405 003 Dave Rushton, published by John Libbey & Institute of Local Television (1994) £9.50 inc p&p 48 pgs Softback CONTENTS Introduction; Cable, Cable TV and Video; Work! Work!!; Cultural, Racial, Economic, Political, Social & Class Bias (etc) ... on TV; Swindon Viewpoint, Aberdeen Cable, Cable Authority and the Grapevine Channel; Origins of UK Cable; Cable, Channel 4 and Tape Distribution.


CREATING LOCAL TELEVISION: local and community television under the Restricted Services Licence, 1 899405 01 1 Dave Rushton, published by John Libbey, Institute of Local Television & CMA (1997) £10.50 inc p&p 78 pgs Softback CONTENTS PART ONE - Policy and Intervention. Policy and intervention; PART TWO - Preparing a TV RSL; Locating frequency channels for TV RSLs; Blueprint for a TV RSL; Organising a TV RSL; APPENDICES.


DON QUIXOTE’S ART & TELEVISION: seeing things in art and television, ISBN: 1 899405 02 X Dave Rushton with an introduction by Terry Atkinson, published by School Press (1998) £8.50 inc p&p 48 pgs Softback. CONTENTS Introduction, Terry Atkinson; Noisy Channel; Art & Artifice: or designs on the past; Open Channels and Media Literacy.

Orders or further enquiries can be addressed to Institute of Local Television 13 Bellevue Place Edinburgh EH7 4BS or by email to local.tv@virgin.net.

Official orders or further enquiries can be addressed to Institute of Local Television 13 Bellevue Place Edinburgh EH7 4BS or by email to local.tv@virgin.net.