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TV Guides

Critical Studies in Television: scholarly studies of small screen fictions
Editorial board: Kim Akass, Stephen Lacey, David Lavery, Janet McCabe, Robin Nelson and Rhonda V. Wilcox.

Online databases including information on programmes, episode guides, personalities, production details and/or gossip; contemporary television listings; and specialist database sites.

Online TV databases:

Broadcast Information Bureau (BibNet).
Including world guide to television
Combines dates from Television Programming Source Books, Episodes Guide and International Documentary Source Book. Records for over 200,000 films and TV programmes, including title, synopsis, year, running time and TV distributor. Subscription only.

EP Guides.
This site contains episode lists for over 2500 TV shows, include in-depth descriptions for more than 500 classic and current television programmes. Each list contains titles and airdates.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb).
Details of thousands of films and TV series covering a wide range of aspects, including cast, directors, cinematographers, costume designers, plot summaries.

‘I Saw It On TV …’ A Guide to Broadcast and Cable Programming Services.
Produced by Northwestern University Library. Media Channel. Guide for Internet television and video.

TV Link.
Film and television website archive. Contains over 900 links related to the film and television industries.

TV Show – Television Worldwide.
Information on television stars, shows, stations and schedules links from across the globe.

TV Tomes.
Contains over 1,100 complete guides along with an additional 2,300 guides that are partially complete or under development.

Tim’s TV Showcase.
Contains a wide variety of information pertaining to television, on four ‘channels.’
Channel 1: The Series contains comprehensive information on more than 500 television series.
Channel 2: Features contain special information on the Emmy Awards, commercials, and links to select television programs.
Channel 3: The Networks contains hotlinks to most television networks, cable channels, and even major affiliates in the United States and, in a few cases, abroad.
Channel 4: TV Resources contains links to many major TV-related Web sites.

Web TV List.

Worldwide TV Standards: a web guide.

Contemporary TV Listings:

Australian Film Commission. Includes television guides for Australia.

Broadcast: Australian TV Guide.

YourTV: Australian TV Guide.
Comprehensive coverage of television channels across Australia, with personalised and regional settings, email alerts and magazine style information on all the latest shows and news.

Euro TV.
More than 180 European TV channels updated everyday. Listings, chat forums, themes and searchable database to European television programmes.

India Times TV Guide.
Comprehensive programmes listings of 45 satellite TV channels being shown in India.

Radio Times (UK).
Listings for UK programming.

TV Guide (USA).
Contains listing information (for free), along with a movie review guide.

TV Guide (Canada).
News, listings and celebrity gossip.

TV Listing (UK).
Daily listings.

Links to American television listings, movie/television industry statistics and news, clips. Formerly UltimateTV. Specialist sites: including episode guides, plot summaries and production details.

Specialist sites: including episode guides, plot summaries and production details.

Classic TV Database.
Site features classic TV shows from fifties to the nineties. Information available includes cast and broadcast history. Covers American and British shows.

Cult TV International.
Listings for classic cult TV.

Cult TV Net Directory.
Comprehensive collection of links to cult TV websites.

News and information about Cult TV, radio and film. Includes episode guides.

The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television.

Little Gems.
Database of children’s television programmes.

Kids TV (UK).
Classic programmes from yesteryear.

Memorable TV.
“Memorable TV contains details of thousands of TV shows from around the world, from the golden age of television to today’s hit shows.”

Reality TV Links.

Sausagenet TV.
Contains an alphabetical list of nearly 100 children’s programmes, including online shop.

Sci Fi on Television.
Database of science fiction television

Soap Opera Central.
American soaps.

Soap Opera Digest and Weekly (America)
News and updates.

Soap Zone.com (America).

Soap opera news and gossip from Turtle-Run.

TV Comedy Resource.
Website deals with the full range of British television comedy programmes. Main sections are:
British TV Comedy
with details of nearly 1000 TV programmes;
TV Comedy Videos
- new and current UK (PAL) releases;
TV Comedy DVDs
- new and current UK releases;
and TV Comedy People.

TV Cream.
Lists classic UK, US and Australian TV shows (1960-1990) and includes criticism, detailed synopsis, date and site rating for programmes.

TV Sci-Fic and Fantasy Database.

TV Talk Shows. Listings from Google (America).

TV Talk Shows.com (America).

Contains news about telenovelas, gossip and chatrooms, and archive.

Links from Google.

The Ultimate Cult TV Page.
Contains episodes guides for TV classics.

Classic children’s programmes from seventies and eighties.