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Critical Studies in Television: scholarly studies of small screen fictions
Editorial board: Kim Akass, Stephen Lacey, David Lavery, Janet McCabe, Robin Nelson and Rhonda V. Wilcox.


Asian Journal of Communications.
Joint research publication by the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre, Singapore and the School of Communication and Information, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Published by Routledge. The journal “aims to facilitate the understanding of the process of communication in the Asia-Pacific by publishing articles that develop communication theory, report empirical research, and describe advances made in research methodology.”


Canadian Journal of Communications.
“The objective of the Canadian Journal of Communication is to publish Canadian research and scholarship in the field of communication and journalism studies. In pursuing this objective, particular attention is paid to research that has a distinctive Canadian flavour by virtue of choice of topic or by drawing on the legacy of Canadian theory and research. The purview of the journal is the entire field of communication and journalism studies as practiced in Canada or with relevance to Canada.” Subscription rates.


differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies.
Published by Duke University Press. differences is “a key feminist cultural studies resource. Includes some full-text articles.”


Documentary Box.
Published by Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (YIDFF). Documentary Box is a journal devoted to covering recent trends in making and thinking about documentaries. Four issues are published every two years in both hard and Internet versions in conjunction with the biennial YIDFF.


Feminist Media Studies.
Published by Routledge. “Feminist Media Studies is a major peer-reviewed journal. The journal provides an international forum for leading scholarship in the intellectually vigorous, burgeoning and indispensable area of feminist studies in media and communication.”


Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies.
Published by The Historians’ Film Committee and The Film and History Centre. “Film & History is concerned with the impact of motion pictures on our society. Also, unlike many other journals, Film & History focuses on how feature films and documentary films both represent and interpret history. Published twice yearly.” Subscription information.


European Journal of Communication.
Published by Sage Publications. European Journal of Communication is a leading, well-respected and established international journal that provides the best communication research and scholarship. It promotes dialogue on key issues across disciplinary and national boundaries, and offers a comprehensive diet of the best of empirical and conceptual work.


European Journal of Cultural Studies.
Published by Sage Publications. “European Journal of Cultural Studies is a major journal based in Europe which promotes a conception of cultural studies rooted in lived experience. The journal adopts a broad-ranging view of cultural studies, charting new questions and new research, and mapping the transformation of cultural studies in the years to come. The journal is interdisciplinary bringing together articles from a textual, philosophical and social scientific background, as well as from cultural studies. It engages in critical discussions on power relations concerning gender, class, sexual preference, ethnicity and other macro or micro sites of political struggle.”


Global Media and Communications.
Published by Sage Publications. “Global Media and Communication is a new international refereed journal being launched in April 2005 as a key forum for articulating critical debates and developments in the continuously changing global media and communications environment. As a pioneering platform for the exchange of ideas and multiple perspectives, the journal addresses fresh and contentious research agendas and promotes an academic dialogue that is fully transnational and transdisciplinary in its scope.” Subscription rates, plus online free trial.


Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television.
Published by Routledge. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television examines the history of audio-visual media and its impact on the political, social and cultural developments of the twentieth century. Also see, Findarticles for individual articles.


International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics

The International Journal of Media and Cultural Politics (IJMCP) was launched at the start of 2005 and has rapidly attracted a large volume of submissions, resulting from the outset in the publication of high quality writing on the politics of communication and cultural processes from authors representing the broadest spectrum of international research in media, communication(s) and culture.

The journal addresses cultural politics in their local, international and global dimensions, recognizing equally the importance of issues defined by their specific cultural geography, and those which traverse cultures and nations. IJMCP promotes critical, in-depth, engaged research on the intersections of sociology, politics, cultural studies and media studies, and aims to keep academic analysis in dialogue with the articles.

The final issue of the second volume, guest-edited by Myria Georgiou and Eugenia Siapera, was dedicated to pressing issues of Multiculturalism. The first issue of the third volume includes thought provoking articles and commentaries from scholars from seven countries that continue to address current and urgent questions of our times, by exploring and reflecting on the field of media and cultural studies, the practices of traditional and new forms of journalism, the space for politics in virtual or cinematic venues.


Journal of British Cinema and Television.
Published by Edinburgh University Press. Developed out of the Journal of Popular British Cinema, the new Journal intends to build on its predecessor’s considerable success in making a significant contribution to the burgeoning study of British cinema, and to extend its efforts to researching and documenting the still under-explored area of British television, both past and present. The Journal will be published twice yearly. Subscribe.


Journal of Communications.
Published by Oxford journals: communications studies. “Interdisciplinary, the Journal of Communication concentrates on communication research, practice, policy, and theory, bringing to its readers the latest, broadest, and most important findings. The Journal of Communication also features the most extensive book review section available, and the symposia of selected studies on current issues.” Published four times a year.


Journal of Popular Culture.
The official publication of the Popular Culture Association. Published by Blackwell Publishing. The Journal of Popular Culture continues to break down the barriers between so-called “low” and “high” culture and focuses on filling in the gaps a neglect of popular culture has left in our understanding of the workings of society.” Subscription rates.


Journal of Popular Film and Television.
Published by Heldref Publications. “How did Casablanca affect the home front during World War II? What is the postfeminist significance of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The Journal of Popular Film and Television answers such far-ranging questions by using the methods of popular culture studies to examine commercial film and television, historical and contemporary. Articles discuss networks, genres, series, and audiences, as well as celebrity stars, directors, and studios. Regular features include essays on the social and cultural background of films and television programs, filmographies, bibliographies, and commissioned book and video reviews. Each year, the journal publishes one theme issue on such (upcoming) subjects as ‘Media Literacy and Education: The Teacher-Scholar in Film and Television’ and ‘Fantastic Voyages: Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction/Speculative Cinema.’ In a field where most writing is hokum, The Journal of Popular Film and Television delivers solid, lively insights.” Subscribe. Also see, Findarticles for individual articles.


Media, Culture and Society.
Published by Sage Publications. “Media, Culture & Society provides a major international forum for the presentation of research and discussion concerning the media, including the newer information and communication technologies, within their political, economic, cultural and historical contexts.” Subscription rates.


Media History.
Published by Routledge. “Media History is an interdisciplinary journal which addresses media and society from the fifteenth century to the present. Its perspective is both historical and international. It will explore all forms of serial publication in manuscript, print and electronic media and will encourage work which crosses the boundaries of politics, culture and communications. The Editor's aim is to provide an effective forum centred on academic research for the development of this important area of historical studies.” Available as ejournal.


New Review of Film and Television Studies.
Published by Routledge. “New Review of Film and Television Studies promotes current research making a central contribution to film and television studies. Rather than endorse a particular doctrine or fixed agenda, the journal publishes research dedicated to clearly formulated, reliable methods of analysis, well posed questions examining resolvable problems, and focused deliberation on those problems. The journal is driven by the belief that intellectually rigorous research in the humanities is both possible and necessary. In-depth stand-alone essays or extracts from major research projects in progress are particularly welcome.”


The Quarterly of Film, Radio and Television.
Published by University of California Press.


Edited by leading scholars, Screen is the foremost international journal of film and television studies, publishing peer-reviewed work on a wide range of topics by established and new scholars alike. Every quarterly issue of this award-winning journal contains substantial scholarly essays, debates and reports on current research and book reviews and review essay. Subscription information.


South Asian Popular Culture.
Published by Routledge. “South Asian Popular Culture is an interdisciplinary journal designed to respond to the growing interest in South Asian popular culture within the different subject disciplines in the social sciences and humanities. South Asian Popular Culture is defined in a broad and inclusive way to incorporate lived and textual cultures, the mass media, ways of life, and discursive modes of representation. Central to the formation of popular cultures are articulations of the economic, social and political spheres and the journal welcomes contributions that will highlight these issues.” Subscription rates.


Royal Television Society.
Television offers indispensable analysis and contributions from the leading practitioners in the broadcasting industry. First published in 1928 (past issues), Television is published 10 times a year and is free to members of the RTS. Individuals and institutions can also subscribe.


Television and New Media.
Published by Sage Publications. Television and New Media is an international journal devoted to trends in television and new media studies.


The Velvet Light Trap.
“VLT is collectively edited by graduate students at the University of Wisconsin at Madison and The University of Texas at Austin, with the support of media scholars at those institutions and throughout the country. Each issue provokes debate about critical, theoretical, and historical topics relating to a particular theme.”